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Best Toys For 12 Month Old

best toys for 12 month old

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4/12/B [fetch!]

4/12/B [fetch!]

For Easter Sunday, we had dinner with my folks in Kenosha, and the sun was out, and bright, and warm. Augie came along (I'm so glad that all of our folks are dog-friendly), and after chasing bubbles with my niece for a while, Augie found a ratty old rubber ball - perfect for playing fetch, of course. My niece was okay with throwing for a while, but as it got more and more slobbery, she became less interested to pick it up to throw any more. Before that happened, though, I was able to get a few action shots, including this one, which was probably the best of the bunch.

I still need a bit of work on smoothly panning, but I like the amount of blur here (shutter speed was 1/60) and especially the form I caught her in. The one issue I have is with the color of the grass - this is a bit darker than the grass really was, but it wasn't really artificial-looking green either, which is what I got at first. Maybe that's just something else I need a bit more work with ...

The only real adjustments were for color, some cropping, and cloning out the line she was on (50 feet of 250 lb. test I got for only 99?!). I would have tried doing the second part for this month's challenge, but I've had just about enough of rain/snow/water to try for any kind of reflections.

best toys for 12 month old

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